Kitchen Countertop Cast-Iron Double Burner - Stainless Steel Body – Sealed Burners - Ideal for RV, Small Apartments, Camping, Cookery Demonstrations, or as an Extra Burner – by Durabold

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Manufacturer Description

Double Burner Stovetop by Durabold Appliances, will make your life that much easier with portability, fast cooking and space savings.

-Perhaps you are in the middle of renovating your kitchen?
-Maybe your child is going off to college and wants to avoid unhealthy fast food?
-Did you decide to host 35 people for Christmas dinner and need an extra burner or two?
-Are you going to your vacation cottage in the woods that has no cooking equipment?

-Or your kitchen is just too small to fit another full-size hot stove gas range?The answer to all these scenarios is the portable electric stovetop by Durabold!
This double burner works at any place that has an outlet.
Plug it in next to your dining room table to keep food warm before serving or use in your kitchen.
You can even use this outside while having a BBQ to simultaneously cook some sauce, rice or veggies.

General Features:
?? Durable Cast Iron Burner Plates
- Nearly indestructible provide even heat distribution.
?? Sealed Burners - Completely safe in case of spills and very easy to clean.
?? 2 Independent Temperature Controls - Each burner has its own thermostatically controlled heat settings.
?? Easy to Use Heat Settings - High, medium, low and warm.
?? Non-Slip Feet - Will sit nicely on any surface including granite, marble, and Formica.
?? Fast Heat Up - The burners will reach high temperatures within minutes.
?? Indicator Lights - Two lights will indicate that the burners are ON, HOT, and READY to cook.
?? Use with Any Pot - Including stainless steel, copper, ceramic or aluminum!

Product Specifications:
?? Large Burner: 7 inch diameter / 800W
?? Small Burner 6-inch D / 700W
?? Cord Length: 1 meter
?? 110V

How to Clean:
Use a damp soft sponge or cloth to clean the surface of the burners.
Always unplug first and wait till stovetop has fully cooled.

Product Features

🍳COOK QUICKLY AND EVENLY FOR DELICIOUS RESULTS- The heavy duty durable double burner cast iron cooktop are nearly indestructible and will evenly distribute the heat to ensure perfect cooking temperatures. This cast iron stovetop is also much easier to clean that electric coiled burners. 🍳CONVINIENT & INDEPENDABLE COOKING- Cook two dishes at the same time as the large burner measures 7" inch and the small burner is 6". The burner plates are spaced far enough apart to cook with two pots at the same time. The NON-SLIP FEET on the electric countertop burner ensure total stability while cooking. 🍳QUICK HEATUP & ADUSTBAL TEMPERATURES - This double hotplate with temperature controls will heat up to your desired temperature in just minutes. Primary burner - 800W, Secondary burner 700 W. The lower heat settings are perfect for simmering or warming food. The high settings are for boiling or frying. 🍳USE IT WITH ANY POT, COMMERCIAL OR RESIDENTIAL - Unlike induction burners which require magnetic cooking pots, you can use any pot, pan or wok you have in your house. Aluminum cookware, copper pots, cast iron skillets, nonmagnetic stainless-steel pots will all work with this electric cooktop burner. 🍳PORTABLE HOTPLATE FOR VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS - This portable electric burner can increase your cooking space when hosting a large party. It's also great for using outdoors, in a camper van or taking away to your vacation cottage. College students love using our small electric cooktop in their small apartments or dorm rooms.

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